X.Labs is dedicated to making the world a safer place to live, work and play. Our XLe is our specialized Law Enforcement Edition. XLe offers an integrated public address system, reinforced screen protection, and an enforcement barrier.

With XLe, there’s no need for people to stop, or for consumers to empty their pockets or remove their bags; they simply walkby. If a threat is detected, a real-time audible and visual alerts indicate exactly where the potential threat lies - significantly reducing the need for physical contact.

A full-featured weapon detection system, XLe is made of a lightweight graphite design for quick and easy deployment, and features:

  • Patented millimeter wave detection technology
  • Optional facial recognition
  • Advanced gunshot detection
  • Emergency LED lights
  • Dual thermal cameras
  • Dual weapon detection chipset
  • Reinforced Perspex screen
  • Connected TV ad display
  • Crowd Control Barrier
  • Public Address System
  • Top & Bottom Air Cooling Vents
  • Security Display
  • $1,650 per month
  • Paid Annually upfront
  • 24 month agreement
  • 4 week lead time to delivery if no inventory is available
  • Client receives 24 month warranty and 24x7 technical support

    Identify. Protect. Prevent.

    Long Term Cost = 0

    The XLe weapon detection platform is also a connected TV IoT device that allows smart digital advertising. The additional advertising revenue for the facility can bring the long-term acquisition cost of your XLe down to zero and allow for an additional income stream.

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