X.Labs is dedicated to making the world a safer place to live, work and play. Our X1 product protects innocent people from mass shootings, terrorist attacks and other violence.

With X1, there’s no need for people to stop, or for consumers to empty their pockets or remove their bags; they simply walkby. If a threat is detected, a real-time audible and visual alerts indicate exactly where the potential threat lies - significantly reducing the need for physical contact.

A full-featured weapon detection system, X1 is made of a lightweight graphite design for quick and easy deployment, and features:

  • Patented millimeter wave detection technology
  • Optional facial recognition
  • Dual weapon detection chipset
  • Dual thermal cameras
  • Advanced gunshot detection
  • Connected TV ad display
  • Lightweight graphite design
  • Integrated swivel wheels

Identify. Protect. Prevent.

Long Term Cost = 0

The X1 weapon detection platform is also a connected TV IoT device that allows smart digital advertising. The additional advertising revenue for the facility can bring the long-term acquisition cost of your X1 down to zero and allow for an additional income stream.

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