Concealed Weapon
Detection at a Distance

X1 product protects innocent people from mass shootings, terrorist attacks and other violence.

Law Enforcement Edition

Best in class technology to identify, manage and mitigate immediate threats, unlike anyone else.

Mobile Action Solution

Rapid deployment with XMini to remotely identify threats

Non-Lethal Electric Ballistic Projectiles

ShoX is x.labs’ latest, innovative security industry product – a patented, incapacitation device comprised of a less-than-lethal projectile housing coupled with an electrically-conductive contact surface.

Dedicated to Delivering Innovative Technologies for a Safer World

By combining our proprietary software algorithms, hardware interface, artificial intelligence and best-in-class sensor technology, we are able to identify, manage and mitigate immediate threats, unlike anyone else.

We’re addressing the need for fast, effective, proactive security and the digitization of healthcare for consumers as well as healthcare providers, schools, places of worship, event venues, airports and corporate venues.

Introducing X1

By X.Labs

Connect TV Ad Display

Long Term Cost = $0

The X1 and XLe weapon detection platform is also a connected TV IoT device that allows smart digital advertising. The additional advertising revenue for the facility can bring the long-term acquisition cost of your X1 and XLe down to zero and allow for an additional income stream.

X1 Features

XLe Features

XMini Features

Public Safety. Reinvented.

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